bulk whatsapp sender by Wawpro is a software that can send bulk whatsapp messages directly from pc/laptop in a professional way easily. It is based on latest beta api and it has many amazing features like auto bot reply, whatsapp accounts connector and message schedule.

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Our goal is to efficiently automate the process of sending WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp is the simplest way to engage with businesses, according to 68% of users. Now Simple and efficient method for sending WhatsApp messages directly from a computer.

Get the most Powerful Bulk WhatsApp Sender for your Business by Wawpro

Start sending bulk messages immediately to grow your business in a more rapid, simple, and efficient manner. A professional and efficient platform for communicating with potential consumers or setting up a loyalty program is called Wawpro.

With the capacity to broadcast messages, images, and viral videos to an endless number of recipients, it allows you to organize campaigns with your potential customers.
Send customised messages without assistance by entering or importing your customer lists. The brief introduction movies are available for free viewing and use.
WhatsApp is used by more than 2.5 billion people worldwide. Why not make the most of it by advertising your goods or services using our Bulk WhatsApp Sender, which gives you an easier way to get in touch with your target market and immediately begin two-way contact. The WA Sender is a fantastic tool for marketers to connect with their clients and potential clients.

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Wawpro is the most comprehensive software with the best capabilities to manage your business needs when it comes to quality and perfection.

Personalized Messages

Send customized text and multimedia messages to your customers with their name and relevant media such as pictures and videos included.

Import Contacts

Create and upload a list of clients with their contact information, and use it to send bulk messages to all your customers and users. Please note that the uploaded list of contacts will not be saved.

Bulk Messages

A professional and effective way to communicate with customers is at once. Our bulk messages option will send messages at once without spamming them.

Turbo Messages

Avoid delays that could negatively impact your customer by using our Turbo messaging option. This feature enables you to send messages to your customers within seconds.

Number Generator

Use our tool to generate a series of random phone numbers based on a provided phone number, and use the resulting list to boost your business marketing efforts.

Filter Numbers

Use our filter feature to narrow down the list of generated random numbers to only those that are registered on WhatsApp.

Export Contacts

Export the generated numbers or other numbers to an Excel or text file using our export feature. This will allow you to keep track of all the numbers so that you can use them again in the future.

Group Contacts

If you want to access the group contacts you are a member of on WhatsApp, Wawpro is the best option. Our import feature allows you to bring those group contacts into Wawpro.

Sending Reports

Use our sending report feature to stay up to date on the status of every message you send to your customers. This feature provides a report on the delivery of each message.



We want to eliminate manual work and increase your lead conversions with a high-quality, cost-effective service.


$ 9
99 7 Days
  • 1 License - 7 Days
  • Access all features
  • Limited Updates


$ 49
99 Lifetime
  • 1 License - Lifetime
  • Access all features
  • Lifetime Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions in the FAQs section before purchasing the Bulk WhatsApp Marketing software. Reading through this section can help clear any doubts you may have.
It is recommended to start with sending 50 messages per day to unknown contacts and gradually increase the number of messages over a few days, such as 100 messages per day, then 150, and so on. However, it is important to not exceed 1000 messages per day from a single WhatsApp account. For known contacts, it is acceptable to send messages to up to 5000 contacts per day. Please note that while our software does not have any limitations on the number of messages or accounts you can use, we recommend these guidelines for safety purposes.
The likelihood of your WhatsApp account being blocked depends on the level of activity on the account. If you regularly engage in conversations and have a balance of incoming and outgoing messages, the chances of being blocked are low. However, if your account is newly created or has low activity, it is recommended to increase activity by using the WhatsApp Accounts Engager or joining random WhatsApp groups.
In our software there are some delay time settings option, you can set them to prevent the chances of blocking.
You can add a caption to a photo or video by selecting the attachment, right clicking on it, and selecting the “Set Caption” option. Then, you can type your message in the designated field.
Yes, you can send photos, audio files, videos, and PDFs as attachments in a text message. To do this, you can use the attachment option in the software you are using to send the message. This will allow you to select the files you want to attach and send them along with your text message.
According to WhatsApp’s policies, accounts that have low numbers of daily message activity (both incoming and outgoing) may be blocked or banned if they are used to send large numbers of messages, also known as “bulk messaging.” This feature is in place to prevent spam and protect users from unwanted messages. However, it can also lead to legitimate accounts being blocked if they do not have sufficient message activity. To reduce the chances of your account being blocked, it is important to make sure you are sending a reasonable number of messages on a daily basis. This can help to increase your account’s overall message activity and reduce the risk of it being banned or blocked.
No, you do not need to save contacts in your account to send WhatsApp messages. There are several ways you can send messages to people without having to save their contact information in your account. For example, you can import a list of contacts into the software using an Excel file or a text file, or you can manually copy and paste the information. This can be useful if you want to send messages to a large number of people at once, or if you only need to contact someone on a one-time basis and do not want to save their information in your account.
Yes, it is possible to transfer the software to another computer. To do this, you will need to install the software on the new computer and send a request for a new license key. Once you receive the new license, it will automatically replace the license on the old computer, deactivating the software on that machine. Please note that the maximum number of licenses allowed is two, so you will need to ensure that you are within this limit when transferring the software to a new computer.
Whatsapp Software runs on a PC with Windows 10 64bit OS specifications, 2GB RAM and Download .Net Framework 4.6.1 runtime setup from Bellow url. https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet-framework/net461


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